Service d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants


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We are here
to accompany you
in your installation process

In addition to providing all the necessary infrastructure, our region in the heart of nature will provide you with a quality of life while allowing you to flourish in the community.

Live here

Welcome in the Maskinongé region, where you can feel at home in a welcoming and peaceful environment.

Maskinongé: of human nature!

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Become a volunteer

Get involved in our intercultural activities!
You can do it as an individual or with your family!
Meet new people who live in our region and share about your respective cultures! Help immigrants from all over the world integrate while creating unique connections!

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Sports, dance, meals, talks, workshops of all kinds! Perfect opportunities to connect and avoid loneliness.


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Whether for your integration, your settlement or your immigration process, the SANA accompanies you towards the success of your life projects.

Plus, all our services are free!

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SANA de la MRC de Maskinongé

The SANA of the Maskinongé Area is an organization dedicated to the integration of newcomers in our community. We offer support and mentoring services to help recent immigrants adapt to their new environment and navigate the challenges of immigration.

Join us in our mission to build an inclusive and welcoming community for all.


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