Intercultural Twinning

The intercultural twinning program allows Quebecers and newcomers to create links and share about their respective cultures.

Why become a host twin?

  • To discover a new culture and discover yours
  • To expand your social network and that of your twin
  • To develop friendly links
  • To facilitate the social, linguistic and cultural integration of newcomers

Examples of possible sharing activities:

  • Go for coffee
  • Visit tourist attractions of the region
  • Museum, shows, exhibitions, …
  • Cook together
  • Play board games
  • Walking and other outdoor activities
  • Play a sport
  • If necessary, accompany the newcomer to the grocery store or store for the choice of clothing adapted to the season
  • Circulate in the area to provide landmarks

How it works?

  • Interview to assess your profile and match you with someone who has common interests
  • Twinning and intercultural communication training
  • Sign up with our manager
  • A twin will be assigned to you for a period of one year
  • The first meeting will be with our manager
  • It’s up to you! Create links and organize meetings with your twin about once a month according to your availability
  • Our manager is always there to support you in case of difficulties and follow-up will be made

To subscribe, contact Mounira MEJRI (819) 519-9461 # 2072


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